Recover lost or old format mask data with our design data recovery service.


Design data recovery service.

This service is available only for Japan domestic customers only.

Any photomask data troubles?

  • I have old photomasks but the data has been lost….
  • I still have my photomasks but the data format can not be read any more….

We can recover your design data from the actual masks.

Our photomask data recover service restores your lost or unreadable data. Some devices are used for long time without product changes. For example, power devices for railroad trains have usually very long product life and thus it requires long time product warranty for the product, but sometimes the data cannot be read because of the old data format or old memory media. NIPPON FILCON data recovery service restores the data with stream format from the actual mask itself.

NIPPON FILCON has recovered photomask data for numerous customers.
Please contact us for the data recovery service if you have any data troubles.

Mask size 4" ~ 9"
Pattern line thickness 3µm ~
Output data ±0.3µm (tolerance against the photomask)

Photomask Data Recovery Flow

Photomask Data Recovery Flow

After we receive the photomask from the customer, it goes through scanning, data conversion and design data conversion steps and final inspection before the data delivery to the customer.

Call NIPPON FILCON Photomask Sales Team for any inquiry +81-44-378-4141 (Operating Hours 9 - 18 Japan time, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
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Contact NIPPON FILCON for lost or unreadable photomask data troubles.

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