Introduction to photomasks for waveguides, PLC, and AWG.


Optical devices

Optical devices

The market of optical semiconductors such as the infrastructure for communications and LED market is expected to expand greatly in the future. The characteristics required for optical devices are different depending on the type of the product, cost, and waveguide characteristics.
We have technologies to meet such various requirements.

Applicable devices

Blue-violet laser/ Green laser/ Millimeter wave laser/ Optical pickup/ Photo diode/ Photo IC/ Waveguide devices such as AWG (Arrayed lightwave grating) and PLC (Planar lightwave circuit) / White LED/ etc.

Why choose a NIPPON FILCON photomask?

  • We have many experiences in waveguides such as AWG and PLC.
    We know what is important to enhance the characteristics of devices.
  • We have provided lasers, photo ICs to leading optical device makers.
  • Our skillful engineers always welcome customer’s problems and make utmost efforts to find the best solutions.
Optical devices image

Sharp slanted line
with a tipping
size of ø1um

Click the image.

Standard of photomasks

Substrate Material Magnification ratio
2.5×2.5×0.06/0.09inch Quartz
Soda lime

Other various substrates can also be accommodated

Minimum Dimension Guaranteed minimum dimension Positioning accuracy Guaranteed defect accuracy
1µm ±0.1µm ±0.1µm ~ 0 def. sq cm/ 1µm or bigger
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