NIPPON FILCON photomasks, a great solution for packages, PCB and COF


NIPPON FILCON large masks sized over 10inches are used for various displays and PCB.

Large mask sizes

Large masks are photomasks sized over 10 inches, usually used for display devices PCB, LCD, OLED and touch panels.

NIPPN FILCON uses high precision drawing devices to achieve high resolution and good uniformity of the drawing line thickness.

Size 3mm
280×280 (mm) ---
356×356 (mm) ---
420×520 (mm) ---
420×530 (mm) ---
450×550 (mm) --- ---
508×610 (mm) --- ---
610×711 (mm) --- ---
609×813 (mm) --- ---
700×800 (mm) --- ---

*Other sizes are also available. Please contact NIPPON FILCON.
*Please contact us for quartz baseplate size criteria.

Large masks image

"Quartz or soda lime base plates"
Various sizes are available up to 813mm×813mm

Large masks image


Large masks image


Standard specification

Mask size 10"×10" ~ 32"×32" (813mm×813mm)
Line thickness 5/5µm (Contact us for 3/3µm)
Line thickness accuracy ±0.3µm ~
Total pitch accuracy ±0.4µm ~
Defect criteria Over 5µm (Please contact us for the details.)
Guaranteed area 10mm area from the mask plate edges not guaranteed.

Please contact us for the criteria details.

Call NIPPON FILCON Photomask Sales Team for any inquiry +81-44-378-4141 (Operating Hours 9 - 18 Japan time, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
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NIPPON FILCON. A reliable photomask maker for standard and large masks up to 813mm.

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