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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are AutoCAD data formats like DXF or DWG supported?
Yes. DXF data or DWG data are supported. The data will be converted into mask writing data. Before sending your data, please check the notes below.
Notes for creating DXF data
What is the standard lead time (time of delivery)?
→Usually it takes about 5 days (for domestic customers).  Your order will start to be processed when full order documents including the PO, specification and the design data are provided. The standard lead time is 5 days after NIPPON FILCON receive the documents.It includes 1 or 2 days for the drawing check before the production if requested. For example, if we receive your order on Wednesday, the photomask will be delivered on Monday.
→48hour Delivery Service.
If you need urgent delivery, 48 Hour Delivery Service is available for domestic customers eliminating drawing check and some inspections. If you place an order on Wednesday, the delivery will be on Friday.
How long does it take to receive the drawing check data?
Usually the data can be received within 24hours. Our sales will be contacting you for the detailed schedule. Due to the time differences, the time may be varied.
What are the differences of photomask glass substrate materials, between quartz and soda lime glass?
Quartz(Qz) is a standard material used for photomasks. It is a special glass created by SiO2 of high purity. Quartz has excellent CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) and transmission rate.  Soda lime glass (SL) is a glass synthesized from materials like natrium and magnesium to make it easily worked. Soda lime glass is often used for large masks and low cost photomasks.
Do you make large sized photomasks?
Yes. We can make large photomasks upto 813mm×813mm. Please see the link below for the details.
Large Mask Specifications
How can I place an order?
For ordering, please prepare the following.
· Photomask specification
· Design data
· Order sheet
  Please see Order flow page for the details. →Order Flow
How details can the pattern be written
The minimum lines & spaces of 0.5µm are supported. Please consult us for dots, diagonal and curved lines.
Photomask Specifications
Do you support gray scale?
No, we support only binary masks.
Are film masks or emersion masks available?
They can be supported depends on the product. Please contact us for the details.
Can I make a photomask with a pattern with multiple circular arcs and full circles?
Yes. But if there are many circular arcs and full circles used, the data size may become huge. In such cases, because it takes long time to process the data, the mask price may be high. Please let us know if there are such concerns. NIPPON FILCON can provide some advices for your cost saving.
Can I send a large sized data?
NIPPON FILCON mail receiving server can receive e-mails with file attachment with the size up to 30MB. However depends on your sending server limitations, such large size e-mails may not be sent.  If the data is large and can not be attached to an e-mail, then please try the following.
· File compression
· Split the file
· Upload the file to NIPPON FILCON FTP Server. (The server IP and password will be provided upon request.)
*We will send you IP and password to log on to the server.
· Send the data stored in CD or DVD media.
Is the drawing check fee included in the price?
Yes. Drawing check fee is included. Drawing check process is a part of photomask production steps. 

Drawing check is to share an image of the completed photomask, therefore please send us the finalized design data. Please note that if there is any design change after NIPPON FILCON submits the drawing check data, additional fee may be required.

Do you apply chrome on glass substrates by yourself?
NIPPON FILCON purchase mask blanks that is a glass plate with chrome and resist layers. Layers are applied at a mask blank maker. If there are any special requests for layers or optical density, please let us know.
I have a mask but lost the data. What can I do?!
→We have Data Recovery Service for Japan domestic customers.
Can the master mask used to make copy mask be used for exposure?
Master masks can be used only to make copy masks. They can not be used for exposure. Circuit patterns on master masks are written reversely comparing to the copy masks.  Your master masks are stored at NIPPON FILCON for the next order. (Master masks are stored for 3years.)
Can we use our own specification format?

Many customers are using NIPPON FILCON original specification format (Information Sheet) to order products. Our sales representative will give you detailed guidance to fill in the specification format (Information Sheet) for the first time. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

Can I order from outside of Japan?
Yes, NIPPON FILCON delivers our photomasks to many customers world wilde. Please contact us in English or Japanese.
Do you support operations? How can I state the specification for such operations?
Yes, we support Boolean operation. Please see here for the operation expression.
Call NIPPON FILCON Photomask Sales Team for any inquiry +81-44-378-4141 (Operating Hours 9 - 18 Japan time, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
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NIPPON FILCON photomasks support circle and slant line patterns for MEMS.

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