Photomask Order Flow/ Placing an order - Delivery


Photomask Order flow/ Placing an order - Delivery

Photomask Order Flow/ Placing an order - Delivery

Design data (drawing) and the specification are required to make a photomask. Rapid production service with a purchase order intention notice, and elimination of the drawing check process are available for urgent delivery upon request. For any questions or inquiries, please call us or send us the online inquiry form.

STEP-1 Design data and specification
  • Your specification format can be used as well as our original specification format.
  • Click here for NIPPON FILCON specification form.
  • Online order service is also available. (Click here for the ID and password.)
↓ STEP-2 Send design data and the specification
  • Click here to send data.
  • Click here for online orders.
  • Please see the notes to send the DXF/DWG data.
↓ STEP-3 Quotation
  • NIPPON FILCON send you the quotation usually within 24hours. (Except Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese national holidays, Japan time)
↓ STEP-4 Issue a purchase order
  • If you are happy with the quotation, please send us the purchase order.
↓ STEP-5 Receive a drawing check data and confirm.
  • NIPPON FILCON send you the drawing check data if requested and will start the production after the approvel.
↓ STEP-6 Receive the product
  • Receive your photomask.
Call NIPPON FILCON Photomask Sales Team for any inquiry +81-44-378-4141 (Operating Hours 9 - 18 Japan time, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
  • Online Inquires Inquiry Form

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