NIPPON FILCON is an established Ultratech photomask manufacturer.


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Corporate Profile

Company Name
Headquarters (Photomask Division)
2220 Ohmaru, Inagi-City, Tokyo 206-8577, Japan[Access]
Telephone Number
TEL : +81-42-378-4141 (Photomask Division)
March, 18, 1936 (Founded April 1916)
Stock Listing
Tokyo Stock Exchange (Standard Market)
Hiroyuki Nagura, President and Representative Director
URL  (Corporate site)
Main Business
  1. Manufacture of pulp filters for paper machines, other related materials and equipment.
  2. Design and manufacture of industrial wires, other related materials, equipment, and systems.
  3. Design and manufacture of precision components and equipment with photo fabrication and other production methods.
  4. Design, manufacture and construction of water treatment equipment, environment protection equipment, and other related systems.
  5. Design, construction, and supervision of civil engineering and construction and plumbing.
  6. Manufacture of compound materials, resin components, and chemicals.
  7. Leasing and management of real estate.
  8. Management of lodging, sports, and recreation facilities.
  9. Import and sale of alcohol beverages and food.
  10. All related operations for above mentioned businesses.
Call NIPPON FILCON Photomask Sales Team for any inquiry +81-44-378-4141 (Operating Hours 9 - 18 Japan time, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
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NIPPON FILCON is an established Ultratech photomask manufacturer.

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