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NIPPON FILCON provides high precise photomasks with our long time experience and latest technology.

What is a photomask?

  • A photomask is tool used for productions of components including electronic devices (semiconductors), displays, PCB, MEMS. It is a master copy for the patterning.
  • Photolithography is used to form PCB circuits and display patterns. Photomasks are used to transfer the patterns on the baseplates.
  • A photomask acts just like "negative film" in photography, and that makes the baseplates "printing paper".


  • Electronic devices - CPU, memories (semiconductor/ IC)
  • Discreet components with a single task - transistors, memories
  • Light receiving/ emitting elements - CCD/CMOS image sensors, LED
  • PWB - motherboards
  • Display devices - LCD, OLED
  • MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System) - acceleration sensors
  • Magnetic heads for hard disks
  • Heads for inkjet printers

Production Steps for electronic devices using a reticle

A reticle is usually used in the front-end process of semiconductor fabrication.
A pattern to be transferred to silicon wafers is produced by chrome etching on a glass plate. The pattern is transferred to wafers through an exposure device.

Production process for electronics devices using a reticle
  • Front-end process is a process to form circuits on wafers to be made into semiconductors.Reticles are used for prior processing for the exposure process.
  • Back-end processing is an assembly process that includes dicing (cutting the wafer into chips) and packaging (protection) after forming the circuits.
  • A stepper is an exposure device used for semiconductor fabrication. It transfers a design on the reticle to wafers by light with wavelength matching the circuit line width.
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