Introduction to photo masks for TFTs, organic ELs, touch panels, and even patterned photo masks




Compact terminal devices such as smart phones, tablets are now "must have "items in our lives. Our photomasks are used for TFT-LCDs, AMOLED (organic EL), and touch panels.
These devices require very delicate patterning. Our writing machines enable manufacturing photomasks with even and smooth patterns accurately positioned.

Applicable devices

Compact, medium size TFT –LCD panels/ Organic EL displays/ Electronic paper/Capacitance touch panels/etc

Why choose a NIPPON FILCON photomask?

  • We have the technology to reduce Mura (uneven patterns).
  • We are cost-competitive.
  • We can deal with large masks of various kinds.
  • We use industry standard writing machines.
1µm L/S

1µm L/S

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2µm Checker


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Standard of photomasks

Substrate Material Magnification Ratio Applicable device
6×6×0.25inch Quartz 1×, 2×, 2.5×, 4×, 5× Canon, Nikon, ASML etc.

Other various substrates can also be accommodated.

Minimum Dimension Guaranteed minimum dimension Positioning accuracy Guaranteed defect accuracy
0.5µm ±0.05µm ±0.05µm ~ 0 def. sq cm, 0.2µm
or bigger.
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Please contact NIPPON FILCON for photomasks for TFT, OLED without Mura (uneven patterns).

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