NIPPON FILCON is an established Ultratech photomask manufacturer.


We are responsible to enhance human society with our photomask technology.

Personal Information Protection

NIPPON FILCON CO., LTD. (hereinafter collectively "NIPPON FILCON") is driven to become one of the recognized corporations for its high standard through compliance with the laws and regulations and a sound corporate activities in line with our company philosophy. As part of this, NIPPON FILCON recognizes our responsibility to handle personal information provided by customers with the utmost care according to the laws and regulations including EU GDPR.

Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

NIPPON FILCON will collect and use necessary personal information in order to safely and surely carry on businesses and provide better services to customers.
NIPPON FILCON will use personal information only for purposes specified and will not use for any other purposes.

(1) Collection of Personal Information
NIPPON FICON will appropriately collect personal information, regardless of whether the electronic data or recorded information in writing.
(2) Purpose of Use of Personal Information
NIPPON FILCON will use personal information for the purposes of its business activities; supplying our products, services and the related information, and improving our products and services.

[Businesses activities]

  1. Manufacture of forming fabrics for paper machines, other related materials and equipment.
  2. Design and manufacture of industrial steels, and other related materials, equipment, and systems.
  3. Design and manufacture of precision components and equipment with photo fabrication and other production methods.
  4. Design, construction and manufacture of water treatment equipment, environment protection equipment, and other related equipment.
  5. Design, construction, and supervision of civil engineering and construction and plumbing.
  6. Manufacture of compound materials, resin components, and chemicals.
  7. Leasing and management of real estate.
  8. Management of lodging, sports, and recreation facilities.
  9. Import and sale of alcohol beverages and food.
  10. All related operations for above mentioned businesses.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Party

NIPPON FILCON will not disclose personal information to any third party without obtaining the consent of customers in advance, except for use to comply with laws and regulations and the following cases:

  • (1) When the disclosure is required by our group companies to supply services to customers.
  • (2) When the consent to disclosure is granted by customers in advance.
  • (3) When the disclosure is required by applicable laws and regulations.

When NIPPON FILCON entrusts a business to its group companies, personal information may be used in a joint effort to achieve purposes to use personal information to the extent that is necessary and within the scope of the law.

Securing Accuracy of Personal Information

NIPPON FILCON will maintain personal information accurately and up to date to achieve purposes to use personal information.

Basic Policy of Safe Management of Personal Information

NIPPON FILCON's basic policy is to rigidly control personal information provided by customers and strategically take safe management measures to prevent from risks, such as leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, or unauthorized access.

NIPPON FILCON will establish a protection and management system to execute planning, implementation, assessment, and reviewing of safe management measures for personal information.

NIPPON FILCON will endeavor to keep improving employee training and system security for protection of personal information of customers.

NIPPON FICON will make continuous improvements in the basic policy of safe management measures for personal information.

When NIPPON FILCON entrusts the handling of personal information to third party, NIPPON FILCON will monitor the safe management of personal information at the third party as necessary and appropriate.

Crisis Management of Personal Information

In case of personal information leakage, NIPPON FILCON will establish necessary procedures to take immediate actions and ensure its employees to be prepared.

Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of use of Personal Information

When the correction of personal information is requested by customers, the correction will be accepted only after necessary investigation is completed in compliance with the Private Information Protection Law.


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NIPPON FILCON is an established Ultratech photomask manufacturer.

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