Introduction to photomasks for semiconductor




We have many experiences in the delivery of photomasks or reticles for discrete semiconductors, power semiconductor devices, ASICs and microcomputers mostly by applying a 0.35µm design rule.
Since the introduction of OMEGA in 2001, NIPPON FILCON CO.,LTD. has aggressively increased capital investment.

We have extensive inspection devices that are sufficient to assure product quality in mass-production facilities and have steadily increased our delivery record.
We fully understand that being cost-competitive is what is required the most in this industry.
Let us serve you as your product making partner.

Applicable devices

Analog IC / Bipolar IC /MPU / Display driver IC / Mixed signal IC / Bipolar transistor / Diode / Power MOSEFT / IGBT / etc.

Why choose a NIPPON FILCON photomask?

  • We have an abundance of records in the delivery of our products to leading semiconductor makers.
  • We are cost-competitive.
  • We have high performance writing machines and inspection devices.
  • Our skillful engineers always welcome customer's problems and make utmost efforts to find the best solutions.
  • We accept both EB data and GDSII.
  • We can make high precision 9inch masks for back-end process.
semiconducutor image

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1µm DOT

1µm DOT

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Standard of photomasks

Substrate Material Magnification ratio Application
5×5×0.09 inch Quartz 1×, 5× Nikon, Canon, ASML, Ultratec etc...
6×6×0.25inch 1×, 2×, 2.5×, 4×, 5×

Other various substrates can also be accommodated.

Minimum Dimension Guaranteed minimum dimension Positioning accuracy Guaranteed defect accuracy
0.5µm ~ ±0.05µm ±0.05µm 0 def., 05µm
or bigger
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NIPPON FILCON photomask technology supports the development of semiconductor industry.
Please choose NIPPON PHICON photomasks.

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