Available for various types and sizes.(including reticles, master and copy masks, mid to large sized masks)


NIPON FILCON provides the best solution to meet various photomask applications and customer's needs.

Types of Photomasks

Photomasks are called in many ways including Reticle, Master mask, Working mask and Copy mask depends on the application.
NIPPON FILCON define them as follows.


A reticle is a photomask used for steppers and scanners (with step and repeat system) to transfer circuit pattern on wafers. Reticles are available for any types of steppers. NIPPON FILCON supports circuit patterns with various size-reduction ratios are supported to meet stepper lens reduction ratio.

Working masks

The same production method of master masks is used for working masks. A working mask is the same as master mask but to be used directly with an aligner without making copy masks. It is often used exposure device like mirror projection aligners which operates exposure without the photomasks touching wafers.

Master mask

A master mask is a photomask to make copy masks. The circuit patterns are made in the same size (1×) as the actual circuit size on wafers.

Copy mask

A copy mask is a photomask duplicated from the master mask (reversal). It is used to transfer the circuit pattern on wafers by an aligner (single shot exposure method).

Types of Photomasks

Photomask types and specification

Photomask types Light shielding Mask size Glass Substrate Pellicle Application Pattern ratio
Reticle 2 layer chrome
5" or 6"   Quartz Applicable
not applicable
Step & repeat exposure equipment
Working mask ~ 9" Quartz
Soda lime
One shot exposure equipment
Master mask ~ 7" Not applicable Copy mask production
(One shot exposure: Printer)
Copy mask One shot exposure equipment

Photomask sizes

Most of all mask sizes are available at NIPPON FILCON.
Below chart shows the standard sizes according to semiconductor standard. Other sizes are also available by cutting the glasses into suitable sizes.
Large size over 10"upto 813mm×813mm is also available. Please see Large photomasks for the details.

Size Thickness 0.06" 0.09" 0.12" 0.15" 0.18" 0.20" 0.25"
Side length mm 1.52 2.30 3.05 3.80 4.60 5.00 6.35
4" 101.2 4006 4009 --- --- --- --- ---
5" 126.6 5006 5009 --- --- 5018 --- ---
6" 152.0 --- 6009 6012 --- --- --- 6025
7" 177.4 --- --- 7012 7015 --- --- ---
9" 228.6 --- --- 9012 --- --- 9020 9025
UT1X   --- 3"x 5" --- --- --- --- ---
others   --- --- --- 7.25R --- --- ---

*Large masks from 10" upto 813mm×813mm are also available.

Photomask specifications

Line and space thickness as small as 0.5µm is supported for vertical and horizontal straight lines,
Depends on the mask size and design patterns, there are some limitations for the line and space thickness. NIPPON FILCON will let you know the feasibility after checking the design.

Mask Type Reticle, Working mask, Master mask Copy mask
Exposure Laser writing Contact Print
Minimum line thickness 0.5µm ~ 2.0µm ~
Line thickness accuracy ±0.05µm ~ ±0.3µm ~
Position accuracy ±0.05µm ~ ±1µm ~
Defect standard 0 def. sq. cm/ 0.5µm or bigger 0.3 def. sq. cm/ 2.0µm or bigger
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NIPPON FILCON provides binary photomasks from 1"square to 813mm square size range.

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