Production Steps


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Photomask production steps

There are CAD, drawing and processing, inspection & measurement cleaning , pellicle processing steps.

Photomask production steps
  1. Photomask production starts after receiving and checking the CAD data and the specification received.
  2. After drawing check in CAD process, we send the check data in PDF or other formats to the customer for confirmation.
  3. After the customer's approval, it goes on to the production line; reticle/ master drawing process or copy printing process.
  4. Through the processing step, it goes through development, etching, photo resist removal, cleaning and drying processes.
  5. Pattern measurement and cosmetic inspection.
  6. Some of reticles directly go to cleaning step without attaching pellicles. Master and copy masks all go to cleaning step.
  7. After applying a pellicle, check if there are any foreign particulars.
  8. Final inspections for check items including the specification, criteria, surface.
  9. Packing and shipping
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